Announcing New Services

In response to numerous requests, I have decided to offer mini-packages for those who just need some help updating and refreshing their resume and LinkedIn profiles, writing cover letters, and preparing for interviews. To be honest, I’ve been giving this service away for years.

When we are employed, most of us spend precious little time making sure that our personal “brand collateral” is in top form. Does this sound familiar?

  • Resume critique service

    Each time you change jobs, you quickly tack some information about your most recent role at the top of your old resume. It still has every job you’ve had since that semester you graded papers for your college professor. A recruiter recently mentioned you should really get it down to under 4 pages.

  • You have a LinkedIn profile, but it’s not current. Or you have 3, one for each job since you signed up. Or your profile contains nothing more than your current job title. You don’t have any recommendations, list any skills or belong to any groups.
  • You are applying online for a job that sounds really interesting. You’ve got the experience they’re looking for, just in a different industry. You need to write a cover letter that makes it clear you’re the perfect person for the job.

Sometimes all you need is a set of fresh eyes to help you spiff up your “marketing materials.” I now offer critique services for your resume, LinkedIn profile or cover letters. I can even provide a proven cover letter template that has helped numerous clients get noticed.

  • Tough interview questionsYou have worked for the same company for several years and progressed steadily through the ranks. You haven’t actually interviewed for a job since the turn of the century. You’ve suddenly been presented with an external opportunity that really excites you. You’re totally confident in your ability to do the job, but not in your interview skills. You’re not sure what questions to anticipate, much less how to answer them. If it goes well, you’re going to need help negotiating the offer.
  • Your performance review is coming up and you really want to make a good impression. You need to make sure your boss understands your accomplishments and needs, and make sure she rewards you appropriately. You have a hard time tooting your own horn or asking for a raise.

You don’t feel you need an ongoing coach, but you haven’t used these career “muscles” in awhile. You need a little advanced workout to help you prepare – sort of like having a personal trainer work with you to get ready for that 10K after you’ve been a couch potato for a few months.

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Monica Hahn is a branding & marketing consultant & career coach based in San Rafael, California

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4 comments on “Announcing New Services
  1. Dennis Wakabayashi says:

    I worked with Monica on my resume and Linked in site and found her to be quite helpful with polishing things up. Where the coaching really paid off was during the interview process. Monica helped me clearly articulate my personal brand and to be prepared for a tough round of interviews. I recommend working with her if you get the chance!

  2. I was told during my interview that my cover letter was what catapulted me to the top of the list. Monica was the one who showed me how to stand out and make sure my cover letter and resume reflected my accomplishments. She truly enjoys the work she does and it comes through in her interactions with clients.

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Monica Hahn is a consultant who provides marketing and brand strategy, based in the San Francisco Bay area. Monica is also a career and executive coach who works in person or virtually.

What clients say
What clients say about Monica Hahn: Monica has been one of the most influential and valued Career Coaches I've had the pleasure of working with. She's always shown a genuine interest in helping me achieve my career goals. Monica’s integrity, passion, and intellect distinguish her in her field. Her ability to envision and pave new pathways to our brand and concept are unparalleled.
Kevin Price interviews Monica Hahn of Hahn Solo Strategy. Monica Hahn is a consultant who provides marketing and brand strategy, based in the San Francisco Bay area. Monica is also a career and executive coach who works in person or virtually.

Listen to my interview with Kevin Price on "The Price of Business."

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