Non-Profit Service

Asante Africa FoundationWhen I went to Tanzania in 2006, I was struck by by the power and meaning of education in the lives of the Tanzanians I met. What we take for granted is immeasurable treasure to them. Several years later, I met Erna Grasz, the founder of Asante Africa Foundation. Asante Africa Foundation believes in the power of knowledge as the catalyst that will empower the next generation of change agents. We provide youth in deeply rural areas of East Africa with access to quality education and the tools to apply their knowledge beyond the classroom, creating opportunities to transform Africa and the world. It’s clear that enriched minds collectively create better solutions to whatever challenges their communities face. As passionate as I am myself about the power of knowledge, I knew I wanted to help them educate children and transform their worlds.  I’ve been a member of the Board of Directors since 2012, currently serve as Board Secretary, and chair the Marketing Committee.

I recently “retired” from the Board of Directors for The Leadership Investment, after serving the maximum of nine years.  My involvement with what was then known as Women’sVision Foundation began when I enrolled in their Women’s Leadership Institute.  I whole-heartedly embraced the leadership principles this organization stood for and volunteered to get more involved.  We believe that the women who share leadership of businesses with men are key to sustaining economic prosperity. Every day we connect, mentor and inspire career-minded women because developing and retaining women leaders at all stages of their careers translates into satisfied and successful workers, sustainable workplace cultures Monica Hahn serves on the Board of Directors for The Leadership Investmentand profitable business results.  I chaired the Marketing & Branding Committee for the Board.  In response to a strategic expansion of our mission to put more focus on influencing corporate culture, I led the organization through a complete rebranding process in 2013 that culminated in our new name, The Leadership Investment.

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