Assessing cultural fit

One of the hardest factors to assess when considering a new job is your cultural fit with the organization.  In my own experience as well as my observation of others’ careers, it is the factor most likely to be given inadequate attention, and most likely to turn a good job into a bad employment experience.

So I’m pretty jazzed about this new site from Good.Co, which seeks to help you take the guesswork out of cultural fit. I am a Technician, a Humanitarian and a Dreamer.  I’m creative, compassionate, curious, dedicated, empathetic & sensitive. It might occur to you that these are somewhat unusual combinations, and therein lies the complexity. Good.Co Personal Canvas

You see, Technicians are practical, analytical, adventure-loving, competent and hard working – that’s me! But they’re also pretty competitive, & prefer to work independently. That’s not me at all – the Humanitarian in me is very concerned with the impact on the rest other team members, & has an annoying habit of acting in the team’s (or the brand’s) best interest even when it’s in conflict with my own.  Technicians are also, well, technicians – with great aptitude for fixing things, superior hand-eye coordination, & introverts who like to take things apart & put them back together. SO not me.

Understanding your own archetype & preferred work style answers only half the question. The rest comes from how well it matches with the environment at a potential employer.  They’ve identified 8 organizational archetypes as well.  The archetype recommended for me is the Nuclear Family – fun, innovative, creative & collaborative.Nuclear Family

So which companies fit that description? The companies already participating in their database have gone through an assessment process much like the one I did; to the extent that their answers are honest & reflect reality their categorization should be helpful. I assume they’ll eventually augment company profiles with information input by employees, so that part will get better as they get more data. You still need to do you own analysis, because any team within a company can have its own unique culture.

Even if it can’t point you to the company that’s perfect for you, the system is useful in getting you to think about your preferred work style.  As much as you need the paycheck, your ongoing happiness and performance will be much greater if you feel like you’re somewhere you belong, where you can be your authentic self every day instead of spending your energy trying to fit in.


Monica Hahn is a branding & marketing consultant & career coach based in San Rafael, California

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Monica Hahn is a consultant who provides marketing and brand strategy, based in the San Francisco Bay area. Monica is also a career and executive coach who works in person or virtually.

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Kevin Price interviews Monica Hahn of Hahn Solo Strategy. Monica Hahn is a consultant who provides marketing and brand strategy, based in the San Francisco Bay area. Monica is also a career and executive coach who works in person or virtually.

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